I'm very depressed and feeling bad because of the environment I'm living in

Depression. If it is your family home, please reach out to someone you trust or to an organization that might help with safe shelter. If you don't have a place to call home please consider reaching out to someone. Even if you aren't religious, many churches help out those in need, with no expectations. There are many of us who are willing to help-just reach out!
Therapy? Have you yet tried any form of psychotherapy? Typically, the optimal combination of things to treat emotional issues such as anxiety or depression is medication (which, on your best day, is supposed to take the edge off symptoms) but the real gruntwork takes place in psychotherapist's consulting room.
Often. Environmental sourced depression is difficult to treat. In my opinion this situation is helped by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy! Speak with your Primary Care Provider, School Psychologist ,or trusted Family members for "leads" Hope this helps! Dr Z.