Itchy stretch marks, 37 weeks pregnant, what is safe to use to stop the itching. Stretch marks are bumpy and red, underneath belly button.

Moisturize. Itching near the end of pregnancy is very common. As your skin stretches to accommodate your little one you get stretch marks and itching. Moisturizing frequently can help with the itchiness. Cocoa Butter and baby oil were my personal favorites. The good news is you're almost there! Congratulations!

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Itchy postpartum stretch marks, there still red. I'm using organic coconut oil every night but when I wake up in the morning my belly itches. Anything else I can use? And how long they take to get whiter?

Mother's Friend. There is a product called Mother's Friend that contains coconut and other emollients that can be massaged into the skin to decrease the appearance of stretch marks. Unfortunately, the marks will always be present, just less visible, as the cause was that elastic layer of the skin was broken during the pregnancy growth of the abdomen. Read more...