I had bilateral inguinal hernia surgery two days ago. Laparoscopic. It went well. How long before I can travel?

If you mean. air travel, you should wait until abdominal distention resolves. Probably about one week. Ask your surgeon just to be sure.
How do you feel ? Advantage of laparoscopic surgery is less pain and early ambulation . Now you can use that advantage , the real person who will decide allow you to travel is your surgeon.
Ask your surgeon. I would ask your surgeon. Depends if you mean driving vs flying and how far you are going.

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I had laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia surgery 2 months ago. One side is still very swollen - goose egg size, and tender. Should I be worried?

U should C Ur surgon. May not b a significant finding but u need 2 c ur surgeon and have it evaluated now, & get his/her opinion. Read more...
May be. 2 months means u would have seen ur surgeon in post op visit. If this was present during visit, he/she would have been able to asses and make plan. If new, u need to call ur surgeon to be examined in person. If tender, this can b worrisome. If vomiting and distended, this can b an emergency. Read more...