Is it usual for the pulsatile tinnitus caused by IIH to go away when pressing on the neck, and return once you let go?

Yes. When you press on your neck you are reducing the blood flow to the brain, so the tinnitus stops. When you relax your pressure the blood flow return to its usual state so the tinnitus returns. Talk to your doctor about treatment alternatives.
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I have pulsatile tinnitus in my right ear and DX with IIH by LP. It goes away when I press on my neck. Why? Acetezolomide helped initially but not now

Insufficient data. Your question cannot be answered without knowing WHERE on your neck you press. I mean exactly, not just "left" or "right" or "front" or "back."

Pulsatile tinnitus with my IIH. It goes when I have a LP, but always returns. Recently it's changed rhythm and pitch and I'm lightheaded. Cause?

Lightheadedness. Sounds like a pressure related problem. See your physician to discuss more in depth and talk about the medications that you are taking which could be causing changes. Hope this helps.

After a lumbar puncture for IIH my pulsatile tinnitus disappeared for 1 week. Then gradually returned. Why is this?

Depending on. How much CSF was removed, the opening pressure and closing pressure difference might be sufficient to lower pressure up stream. Typically the return of symptoms would be minutes to hours unless there is a bit of a CSF leak at the site of tap. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors like Diamox, (acetazolamide) Topirimate and Zonisamide can keep the CSF pressure below 20 CM H20 in many cases. Diuretics and surgery can too.

I have had pulsatile tinnitus for 2 years caused by my IIH. In recent days the rhythm and pitch has changed. Should I be worried?

I can tell. From the medications that you are not under the care of a neurologist! That would be my starting point! Check iron, Vit A level and give a carbonic anhydride inhibitor a good try. You should not be having pulsatile tinnitus with uncomplicated pseudo tumor.

What can cause lightheadedness? I have IIH and pulsatile tinnitus. I have normal bloods, normal blood pressure, normal weight, no medication.

Probably IIH but--- The possibility of lightheadedness in YOUR case due to the IIH itself is quite high in my opinion. Still it could be related to other things such as the medication you're taking, any one of which can cause that sort of situation. You could be mildly hypoglycemic, or it could be something know that's going around these days! LOL....See your doctor for a good checkup and proper Dx.

I have IIH. Mainly the pulsatile tinnitus, fatigue and floaters is what cause me the most problem. Should I take Topiramate or lose weight alone?

Topamax (topiramate) for IIH. Can lead to weight loss and can directly lower CSF pressure (it is a weak carbonic anhydrase inhibitor) It is not advised to take this medication, however, if you could become pregnant (you indicate you are a 24 year old lady) as it may cause neural tube type birth defects (spina bifida or cleft lip)

Can losing weight cure iih or pulsatile tinnitus?

Yes it helps. Weight loss (for overweight/obese) individuals is recommended and generally effective in reducing intracranial pressure. If the symptoms are mild with no evidence of visual impairment, this may be enough for the headache. However, if there is evidence of visual impairment (by a specialist's evaluation), a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor is needed. In severe cases, surgical options are considered.