Broken ankle surgery three weeks after I am on 50% weight bearing. I'm nervous. Any tips?

Half way There. The best tip is follow your doctors orders. His treatment plan was determined by the specifics of your injury, the physiology of bone healing and his experience.
Follow docs . Orders. Don't be nervous it doesn't help anything.

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Broken ankle, surgery, nwb 8 wks. On wk 7. Any tips as I start gradual weight bearing, please? I'm a bit nervous to start. No pt ordered or walk boot.

With doc's ok. If your doctor has ok'ed you to start putting weight on it without the need for a brace, it is "progressive weight bearing as tolerated." you start with your crutches just putting the weight of your leg down on the ground. Slow progress usual over 1-2 week to partial weight bearing (still with both crutches) then. If ok at week 10 full weight as tolerated. Ask doc for pt prescription. Read more...
Return to surgeon. Go back to your surgeon that corrected the broken ankle and tell him/ her your concerns, and that you would like a low profile walking cast boot to help with partial weight bearing. Also ask him /her if physical therapy is needed. Read more...