So my doctor prescribed me with Fluticasone and ProAir HFA Albuterol for easier breathing at night. I don't have asthma. Is it bad?

Asthma Meds . Fluticasone and Proair are both asthma medications. Your physician must suspect you have a variant of asthma which is causing chronic night time symptoms. Sometimes with a suspicion of asthma we will do a trial of asthma medicines to assess response. Do you have night cough? Any family history of asthma? Be sure and keep your follow up with your physician! .
Controlled is better. ProAir (albuterol) is probably the most commonly prescribed bronchodilator in the US, and is very helpful for temporary bronchospasm, often causing chest tightness, wheezing or coughing. If inflammation of the airways is present, suspicious when symptoms keep returning, call it what you will, but adding an asthma controller such as fluticasone (an inhaled steroid) is appropriate. Explore causes.
What do you have? These meds are typically prescribed when there is bronchial spasm. In mild asthma you may have just difficulty breathing and no wheezing typical of more severe form of asthma. We propose to treat the cause so that you don't need such meds. To learn how to treat the cause Please visit us at .