Pain in my right side od my breast bone after eating fatty foods and drinking soda could something be wrong?

Maybe (not). . . Gallbladder disease comes to mind based upon pain associated w/fatty foods although it's usually more right upper quadrant than breastbone. Acid reflux or heartburn is more likely given breastbone pain w/soda (assuming you're referring to area of discomfort, not actual bone pain). There's no need to eat fatty foods & drink soda. If can't avoid, go see your Family Doc for evaluation & treatment.

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I have pain below breast bone along with nausea belching and gas after eating but not just greasy fatty foods. Doc says ibs. Thinking gallblader issues?

Gallbladder Pain. Is the pain on the right side below your ribs? If so, your symptoms may be caused by your gallbladder. You should visit your doctor for a detailed history and physical exam and consideration of an abdominal ultrasound to look for gallstones.