I've been having upper back pain, lower abdominal pain, stomach pain, and pain right under my ribcage, also cloudy dark urine and burning when I pee.?

Kidney infection? A kidney infection can cause those symptoms. If you have one you need to start treatment with IV anabiotics right away. Go see your doctor today.

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Burning with urination and lower abdominal pain, back pain. Pelvic exams are fine, ultrasound, and urine are fine. No nasty smelly discharge. Pid?

Not all dysuria is.. ..caused by, nor secondary to, UTI. You may also need to consider non-urologic causes of lower abdominal & back pain, and PID is only one of many possibilities here.

Could I be having an allergic reaction to my antibiotics or is my kidney stones and infection getting worse? Last week I went in for back pain lower abdominal pain and painful urination they did urine blood at CT scan was told 4 kidney stones blood count

It. It sounds like you may have been diagnosed with kidney infection (pyelonephritis) and a prostate infection. The antibiotics you were given are likely not working and/or you may be having an allergic reaction to them. It's very difficult say without actually taking a detailed history and directed physical. Regardless, your symptoms warrant a trip back to your doctor. You may need the stones removed, your kidneys may not be working very well now due to the infection and/or stones. If you had not done so already, please go back and seek medical care right away. Good luck.
Follow up with MD. You know you have kidney stones and an infection, which is not uncommon we do not know the size of the stones and the location of the stones or any hydrpnephrosis. Most stones pass down the ureters and into the bladder and their pasage through the ureters into bladder and than through the urethra may be rather painful strain the urine to find the stones and do follow up with your doc or urologist.

Nausea abdominal pain lightly bleed after sex foul smelling dark urine low back pain for two weeks. No UTI. Not pregnant. Concerning?

See a doctor ASAP. This could be one of several things, but in order to diagnose you would need to be seen and examined, your urine tested in the lab and possibly undergo some imaging studies. Go see you family doctor and get evaluated quickly. Hope this clears up soon.

Lower abdominal pain lower back pain multiple pregnancy symptoms multiple negative urine test no blood tests milky discharge all STDs cleared a help!

See a family doctor. These symptoms are too vague to even prompt a guess, and you definitely need to be examined. Remember, answers on healthtap aren't intended for individual treatment, prescription or diagnosis.