I've had over 30 kidney stones but am constantly told they aren't painful unless they are outside the kidney. Is this true because mine sure are?

Wow. I am sorry you have suffered 30 stones and yes they can hurt inside or outside. Each of us a different in our pain threshold. Did you have a urine metabolic work up along along with blood work to determine cause. Did you ever get a stone analysis. Key is prevention and suggest see a kidney doc.
Don'tTrustAStone>30. They're outside of their minds.If any stone erodes outside the kidney then you are in big trouble, which you don't seem to be.Stones hurt because they occlude the kidney's tube that goes to your bladder and the pressure builds-up and hurts a lot. I hope you've found a Urologist (pee pee doctor) that can help figure this out for you. At the very least analyzing one of those stones after it's passed.