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Sir I have problem of high cholesterol up to 248mg/dl and uric acid is 9.1mg/dl and random blood sugar is 83mg/dl so what type of medicine or diet?

Looks average. Your numbers don't look too bad although it would be helpful to know your LDL and hdl. You are only 33 so your risk af any coronary vascular disease within the next 10 years or even 30 is very low. The best treatment for you might be diet exercise and maintaining a good body weight. Uric acid is a bit high but if you do not have gout there is no benefit to treating now. Blood sugar normal.
Diet, then med. Most doctors would not treat the uric acid elevation. If a low fat diet and and exercise do not bring your lipids back to normal then medication (statins) should be added.
Lifestyle changes. Exercise 30-60 minutes 5 days a week (walking, running, swimming, sports). If you smoke - stop! (please) high blood pressure? (treat it to keep it < 120/80). Diabetes? (more aggressive treatment). Heart healthy diet. Http://www. Hearthealthyonline. Com/healthy-recipes/cooking-nutrition-tips/low-cholesterol-diet_1.html or http://lowcholesterol-dietplan. Com/ or http://healthyeating. Nhlbi. Nih. Gov.

Bad dry skin constant kidney stones 80-90% calcium 20-10% uric acid chronic pain hair loss anxiety/panic attacks high cholesterol fatty liver vit d level 11 2 positive ana's headaches bad fatigue?

What is the question. You need to discuss these labs with the doctor who is evaluating you in the context of your clinical condition. Many of the symptoms you describe may occur for multiple different reasons and this can only be put together meaningfully by a good clinician face to face.
Several issues. Sounds like you have several problems. First kidneystones should be evaluated by a urologist or endocrinologist. Has calcium been checked, if high can because of kidney stones and bone pain which is treatable. Hair loss maybe from stress or hormonal condition or combination as for fatty liver ususally due to being overweight. Low vit d also contributes to muscle aches and pains. See endo asap.

What are some home remedies for high cholesterol, high uric acid and deficiency of vitamin d?

There is none. The high uric acid is not an issue and will fall if the elevated cholesterol is properly treated. Diet and exercise have little effect on lipid levels despite the fact that many doctors try it first. If diet and exercise do not help, start a statin. It is easy to correct a low vitamin d level with vitamin d supplements.