My poop is runny?

Diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea should be evaluated as to cause especially infection. It's common after bowel resection and gall bladder surgery. Antibiotics can actually lead to bacterial overgrowth & thus diarrhea which is treated w/yet another antibiotic. But only way to figure all this out is to go see your doctor. Also need to monitor hydration & fluid balance so you're not dehydrated.

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I had a gallbladder removal now since I had my poop is runny and it smells sour... What does that mean?

Well. Some people get postcholecystectomy dumping syndrome where they get greasy loose stools foul-smelling after meals. For specific diagnosis and treatment recommend a healthtap visit or a primary care doctor visit. Read more...

Now my poop is always runny like soup for months now what's wrong with me?

Test. None of us here would venture a guess. Your stool needs testing for infectious causes and your doctor can work with you on other possibilities. Read more...