How do I balance my morning blood sugar?

Sugar control. Way to balance your sugar is by adding protein to your diet. Look up online for glycemic friendly foods for diabetics this will also help regulate sugars from spiking up and down.
Sugar balance. Everyone is different. Please have your doctor refer you to a diabetes educator.
Blood sugar. morning blood sugar is really a reflection of your evening intake and your insulin activity during the night. Therefore, if you are a diabetic those need to be balanced. You need to take your blood glucose logs and your medication or insulin logs to the doctor who is managing your diabetes and come up with an individualized plan for you.
Work with doc. This question sounds like it is coming from someone who may be dealing with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Blood sugar rises near dawn in response to hormones gearing up for the day and counteracting insulin from evening food may be waning. Need med adjustment; avoid sugary foods and alcohol the evening before; eat a snack with some complex carb and protein before bed; add more exercise. Good wishes:)