Dental--Periodontics: I just discovered a bump under my gum on the cheek side. Does not hurt. Does this always mean extraction?

Parulis fistula. s a sign that there is chronic painless infection and your body is draining it out. Unlike some other types of infection, a chronic gum abscess will not get better on its own. See your dentist for definitive diagnosis and treatment. Good luck.
Not always. But it needs to be physically examined to determine how to proceed.
No, not always. Hello, A bump under the gum doesn't always mean extraction. As the matter of fact it could be a variety of things, some requiring treatment and some don't. Also the fact that it is not painful doesn't mean that there is nothing serious going on. Frequently, pain doesn't occur until the lesion is more advanced. I would suggest seeing a periodontist as soon as possible to rule out any problems.
Seek dental care. Have the dentist evaluate the area and take an x-ray. There are many variables, from a bony growth to an abscess so let the dentist check it out.