What can I do to get pregnant with irregular periods, due to hormonal imbalance??

Ovulation signs. The challenge with irregular periods is that it is more difficult to predict ovulation. If you are extremely irregular you may need to consult a specialist about medication to help. Otherwise, an "egg white" vaginal discharge appears and sexual desire tends to increase preceding ovulation. Some women get a pain to one side & your "basal body temperature" may drop slightly just prior to ovulation.

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I have acne and irregular periods I think the acne are a result of hormonal imbalance. What should I take? Which hormones are connected to the acne?

Acne. A physician can check hormonal levels and other laboratory values to determine if you have any problems causing your symptoms. I recommend a visit first. Read more...

Can isotretinoin cause irregular periods I'm prescribed to take it to treat acne. Can it cause hormonal imbalance?

Isotretinoin. Accutane can cause significant physiologic disruptions and potential complications which you should discuss at length with your dermatologist at length before starting on the chemotherapeutic drug which is indicated for severe or unresponsive nodulocystic acne such as Acne conglobata. Since this drug can cause serious birth defects, birth control is extremely important. Read more...