Hi I am 19 years old and I can't find the courage to see anyone because my testicles have become dry and flaky which is making them itchy.... Please help Thanks?

Need help. You shouldn't be ashamed of anything that has to do with your health. May be it is just a dry skin issue, just use moisturizing soap & lotions , avoid tight clothes, use cotton underwear & seek medical attention probably you will be more comfortable with a Male doctor. Good luck.
I agree. The testicles are the contents of the skin sack. The skin sack is what is dry and flaky. It probably is a fungal infection unless you have flaky patches elsewhere on your body. A lotion just MIGHT make this worse if it is a fungus, so better to go to a pharmacy and look for a treatment for "jock itch" which will have a bit of medication in it. Lots of brands, it's rather a common problem.
Eczema. you may have eczema, please use moisturizing lotion or 1% hydrocortisone cream for one week and you should be fine. Do not be shy of your doctor, please see your physician.
Testicles are FINE. If it's of any consolation your testicles moist and quite NOT FLAKY...and I will almost guarantee you that. It's the skin on the scrotum that may be dry and flaky. You could just have some dry skin that use moisturizing cream or you could have a bit of a fungal infection. Best way to tell the difference is to see a doctor who I also guarantee SEES LOTS OF THIS PROBLEM. No reason for shyness. GL.