Can a new genital herpes infection of the genitals also cause a viral eye infection similar to pinkeye (discharge/itchiness in morning? Or not related?

Eye infection herpes. You can get herpes infection of the eye a very serious infection so see an eye doctor if that is a possibility.

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About an inch above my anus is very red, itchy, burning with a smelly discharge. Doctor ruled out genital herpes after a swab test but now it is worse?

Maybe a fistula. Could be a peri-anal fistula, which is a communication between the inside of the anus and the skin, thought it be caused by a small abscess on the inside. This is treated by a colorectal surgeon, and there are various techniques available. Hope this helps!
Supra-anal lesion. Is it painful? It can be an infection, abscess which may respond to topical/oral antibiotics or may need drainage and antibiotics. Other possibilities are eczematous lesion (unusual, steroids), candida (fungal meds), pilonidal cyst (drainage by surgeon, packing antibiotics), warts (removal). Pinworms and hemorrhoids are nearer to anus. Discuss this with your doctor/urgent care /ER.

I had viral eye infection with lymphadenitis since 2 weeks. Infection is better but still there, my vision is blur. How do I improve it?

Time and rest. Continue to follow up with your eye doctor until your vision has completely recovered. It can take time to fully heal from some viral infections.

How do u get rid of a viral eye infection and how contagious is it? My eye dr says I can't go back to work for 7 days

Can not. You can not get rid of the eye virus that is causing the eye infection.
Run its course. Viral pink eye can be contagious. It also can make your eyes more susceptible to bacterial second infections that normally would not be problematic. Some are contagious like adenovirus type 8. Some can potentially be damaging like herpes. Listen to your ophthalmologist and do what they tell you.

I'm taking prescribed lotemax (loteprednol) for a viral eye infection. I'm noticing that my reddish, acne prone complexion looks GREAT! Is there a connection?

Not related. Lot eMac is an anti-inflammatory eye drop containing a corticosteroid. Acne gets better when you you use any anti-inflammatory medication. However, I doubt if an eye drop would work on acne. Maybe, as you are getting better from a viral infection, your skin complexion is also gradually improving. I am happy that your skin is looking better.

I have a viral eye infection that after four days has not responded to chloramphenicol drops. What should I do now?

There is no doubt... That viral conjunctivitis will not respond to Chloramphenicol eye drops. Using artificial tears and cool compresses should ease the discomfort until it resolves.

I had viral eye infection since ladt 09 days. I am using antoboitic drops and oral as well. No improvement. Eyes r bloody red & swlen. Any permt risk?

Viral infection. Antibiotics are not effective in viral infections. The infections are also very contagious. Your ophthalmologist after determining the extent and exact diagnosis can give you some medication to relieve the local symptoms, while your body rids the virus.

How long should a viral eye infection last?

Varies. A viral eye infection is similar to a cold. It can take days or few weeks to resolve. It is important to wash your hands frequently to prevent the spread. If you feels like symptoms are getting worse you should be seen by an eye md.
Depends. On the virus and what is infected.

What is a relief for a viral eye infection?

Time. Time. It must run its course. Artificial tears and steroid drops can make it more comfortable, but not make it resolve any faster. It must run its course. Unless it is herpetic, then you need close follow up and treatment with ophthalmologist.