What drug/drugs cause the most cases of drug induced psychosis?

Street, Prescribed. Street: many, if not all, especially methamphetamine, cocaine, hallucinogens, ecstasy. You could include alcohol and marijuana. Prescribed, usually only if overdosed: anticholinergics, steroids, stimulants, L-Dopa. You are safest if you avoid street drugs, and take prescribed in prescribed doses.

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What are the symptoms and early stages of a drug induced psychosis?

Drug psychosis. First there needs to be drug intake. Symptoms with each drug or drug class could differ. Intoxication with many drugs can lead to psychotic symptoms. In general these may include paranoia -- very fearful, feeling that others are trying to trick them, are not to be trusted, or have harmful intent. Delusions of grandiosity. Illusions & hallucinations -- could be visual or tactile. Much more. Read more...

Is it okay to get dermal fillers for indentations under eyes if I had a drug induced psychosis 6 yrs ago can anything in it make me reoccour?

Unlikely reaction. Dermal fillers for the eye are made up of hyaluronic acid (ha's). Ha's are a naturally occurring carbohydrates (sugar) present in our soft tissues. It would be extremely unlikely for you to have a drug reaction to ha. I recommend Restylane or belotero as dermal fillers for the lower lid. These should be injected by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon comfortable around the eye. Read more...