Related Questions

I have sour smelling vaginal discharge, is that normal? I just became sexually active and we just condoms.

Vaginitis. Certainly sex and condoms may cause a slight odor right after sex, but if its persistent I would make the assumption that it could be an infection. I would see your physician or gyn provider. Condoms by the way are only about 80% with long term use, meaning as many as 20% may get pregnant just using a condom. Might be a good time to discuss adding a birth control pill.

I have noticed a great increase in how much vaginal discharge I produce daily since becoming sexually active with my husband. How do I reduce this?

Possible imbalance. Often when you have a new sexual partner the new normal bacteria that you are exposed to can cause an imbalance in your own. This can lead to increased discharge and sometimes bad odor. You should have an exam to see if that is the cause. If normal, the increased discharge can be due to more stimulation or shifts in hormones.

What can cause a creamy white milk like vaginal discharge? No odor nothing unusual... Lmp 10/23/12 sexually active

May be normal. Many women have different discharges during the month. Creamy discharge without odor may be related to yeast but may just be normal physiologic discharge. If normal, it usually changes to clear at midcycle unless you are on oral birth control.

I have brown vaginal discharge today. My period ended sunday night. I am not sexually active, and this has never happened before. What could it be?

Normal. While some women have menstrual cycles that are identical from month to month, as you get into your late 30's, your ovaries are not as consistent. What this means is that there could be a subtle hormonal imblance that prevented a thorough shedding of the endometrium. The brown discharge is very common and nothing to be concerned about.

I am not sexually active and missed my period for 5 months. I have a dark brown vaginal discharge. What can it be?

Many things. There are a variety of conditions which can cause vaginal discharge. It may simply be spotting or it may be a vaginal infection. There are several vaginal infections which are not sexually transmitted. Missing your period for 5 months is also not normal. Take a pregnancy test today to rule out the most common reason for missing a period. Then go see your doctor.