I have pain in my teeth I want to talk lady doctor or dentist?

See your dentist. A dentist would be able to help with the pain in your teeth. See you dentist as soon as possible. You can also schedule virtual consults with a female dentist if you do not have a female dentist near you.
Tooth pain. Best resource would be your local dentist--he/she can inspect the tooth in question, take the appropriate x-ray and determine the cause of the pain and best treatment for the tooth.
Virtual consult. If you are having pain in your teeth, contact your dentist. If you want to speak with a female dentist or MD, choose a doctor via Healthtap for a virtual consultation.
I am a dentist. However, I recommend you see a local dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment.
See DDS ASAP. A tooth pain won't go away without treatment and the infection may spread. See your dentist (lady dentist) ASAP for treatment.
Female Dentist. Ask friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers or health care professionals in your area for a recommendation to a female dentist. Especially because you are in pain and therefore already have dental problems that need immediate attention. Schedule a visit for an evaluation and treatment. Don't postpone feeling better with just a phone call to talk. What's holding you back from treatment?
See dentist. See a female dentist ASAP. There are many women dentists these days. Your friends, family or local dentist society can help you find one. Good luck.
Serious. Oral pain usually signifies a severe long-standing problem. There are many fine female Dentists. Find one quickly.
Visit the Dentist. Good day; The painful teeth could abscess causing a painful infection which could infect your entire body. Please consider an immediate dental appointment!
Seek dental care. Pain in your teeth usually indicates something is not right. Pain may be coming directly from a tooth problem such as a cavity or fracture of the tooth or filling or an infection in the nerve. Pain can also come from an infection in your gums and surrounding bone. Pain can even radiate to your teeth from your joints and sinus. It is wise to seek the care of a dentist to resolve the problem.
Then do so! There are many more women dentists available now than in years past at least here in the US. Googling female dentists in Karachi yielded 326,000 hits but I'd go with the recommendation of friends to help find the right one for you..