My 6 month old baby boy has a very hot head and he sweats a lot. I checked with doctor he says its normal. But I m worried. Is it normal?

Check. Check his temperature in his bottom. If this is normal, make sure his environment is cool. Babies generally sweat to remove excess heat from their bodies. All the best.
It happens. A babies head is often about 20% of their body surface compared to 5% in adults. When their body wants to release extra metabolic heat, it usually goes to the skin surface, and the head is an easy outlet. What you are finding is normal for a little kid.

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I have a 6 month old baby boy he has a very hot head at times and sweats a lot. Is it normal to have a very hot head?

Probably ok. This is probably ok. It is summertime and hot in most areas of the US now. Be sure and dress him lightly, just a onsie. Check for temperature with a rectal thermometer, if it is over 99.4 undress him completely and recheck it. Sometimes babies just get a bit warm. Anything above 100.4 and you need to let your pediatrician know.