I had the paraguard iud inserted several months ago. Could I get pregnant if he hugged me while we were both naked and there was no ejaculation? No semen and no pre cum were present. His penis touched my pelvic bone but again there was no ejaculation

Unlikely. Preganancy rate 6 out of 1000 women per year with the paragard iud. The chance of getting pregnant is very slim in this scenario. By the way you can see semen but you may not be able to see the pre-cum.
Not likely . This sounds very unlikely to result in pregnancy. .
.000000000000000001% Let's "put it" this way: as long as no sperm entered your vagina at any time prior to this zero-risk event then you both can kick back with a six pack and celebrate. As far as what happens in the future, you should probably read-up on the risks of pregnancy after unprotected sex with that particular IUD.