Is enbrel (etanercept) good for psoriasis treatment? What is the best natural way of reducing psoriasis?

Yes it can be effect. Enbrel (etanercept) can help treat psoriasis if other therapy does not work. There are improtant guidleines and precautions before you can take it.. The best natural therapy is sunshine - but with caution because of he risk of skin cancer.
Cannabis topically ? ? Re: "natural way of reducing psoriasis". I have observed, and several psoriasis patients have reported, that topical applications of extracted Cannabis oils have significantly ameliorated their discomfort and eruption of psoriatic lesions. This is unconfirmed and anecdotal information, but I am impressed and would pursue this myself as a front line attempt to forestall symptoms if I had them.

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Is there a difference in humira and enbrel (etanercept) treatment of psoriasis?

No great... No great differences. Enbrel (etanercept) is once weekly and Humira is once every two weeks. They have similar efficacy in large trials, but differences exist between individuals! both should be tried only after Methotrexate therapy has failed! Read more...