What can ı use for asthma in this summer??

Inhalers?montelukast. Asthma can be triggered by infection, allergy or exercise. SABAs (short acting beta agonist inalers) are used as 'relievers' Ongoing symptoms mandate a regular ICS (inhaled corticosteroid) as 'preventer'. LABAs (long acting beta agonist) are used in conjunction with ICS to relieve ongoing symptoms. Consider trialling antihistamine, or Montelukast with your Dr if you suspect an allergy component.
Treat the cause . Asthma can be seasonal or year around or year around with seasonal flare ups if you are treating symptoms then basically treatment is inhalers and or pills etc. however we propose to test the cause to learn about causes and how to treat the cause visit us at www.ehacstl.com .