How can respiratory irritants trigger angioedema, glossitis, stomatitis and oesophagitis? What is the mechanism of it? Thank You!

Unlikely. Airborne irritants do not usually affect the organs mentioned. You would have better luck looking for preparations used in your mouth for answers.

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What does airborne angioedema and oesophagitis triggered by exposure to respiratory irritants mean exactly? What is the mechanism?

Allergic Esophagitis. Irritants are not allergens, so you could be talking about cigarette smoke causing esophagitis, which it does, in smokers. Or you could be wondering about eosinophilic esophagitis, where food or inhalant allergens trigger inflammation of the esophagus. Both conditions are helped by avoidance of the triggers; EoE is also helped by swallowing steroid slushes and immunotherapy. Your wording confuses.