I had two tooth extractions 9 days back including a wisdom tooth and the adjacent lower tooth and think I am having muscle spasms now. What do I do?

Common. Common with wisdom tooth extractions. Moist heat, jaw stretching, OTC NSAID. If symptoms persist, see extracting dentist.
Possibe dry socket. bad taste in mouth pain will increase with time if no dentist around try to induce bleeding in socket where teeth were extracted trying to get new clot to form bite on wet gause keep cool change gause every 15-20 minutes until no bleeding if cintinues wrap a tea bag(not herbal) in wet gause and apply pressure tannic acid should help to clot blood.
Muscle spasms. of the jaw muscles following extraction is known as trismus and is caused by inflammation and edema in the muscles of mastication. By applying moist heat, essential oils, physical therapy, myofascial release can effectively solve the problem in a few days.