Why does Lo Loestrin Fe have only 2 placebos in a 28-day cycle but other BC pills have 4 or 7? Can I take more than 2 days off and remain protected?

I wouldn't. LoLoestrin is the lowest does pill on the market and I would prefer someone skip the 2 placebos and just open up a new pack and start 2 days early. The lower dose pills are great for women near the age of menopause and those who can't tolerate higher doses of estrogen. Delaying the next pack would increase the pregnancy rate seen with this pill.

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Took my bc pills as a form of Plan B (lo loestrin fe, 4 pills, 12 hours apart, pills m-th). How do I continue to take my birth control? Today is mon.

One per day. You should continue taking your pill one per day as you normally would. I am confused though. If you were already on birth control then there was no need to take Plan B or a form of emergency contraception. That is what birth control is for. Also you did not do the correct dose since you are on a 10 mg birth control pill. You underdosed. Its best to consult with a doctor before doing things alone.

On lo loestrin fe bc pills, condom slid up after ejaculation so took plan B (second time that week)& still spotting, having pelvic&back pains, pregnant?

Why Plan B? If you were on Loestrin birth control pills then it was not necessary to use Plan B. You were already on birth control pills which prevent pregnancy. The condom use is great to prevent STD transmission. If you think you might be pregnant check then check a home pregnancy test. They are cheap, reliable and available at any pharmacy.

Was on placebo/ sugar pills of my birth control (lo loestrin fe) and he came outside of me near my vagina. Can I be pregnant?

If you have been. Taking birth control pills for at least 1-2 months, then your cycle should be regulated such that placebo pills should incite menstrual bleeding. If you are not bleeding, and you have been taking these pills for several months, then your period is late and something is wrong. You may need to check pregnancy test. But if the sperm did not touch your outer labia, it is unlikely that they made it.