Urine is persistently neutral or alkaline. Phosphaturic, and not a vegetarian. What could be happening? Sudden onset 4 months ago.

See below. All laboratory results need to be interpreted in the clinical context and the doctor who ordered the tests is usually in the best position to do that. Having said that, if you do not have urinary symptoms, the pH per se is not of any consequence.
Urine. Your urine appears to be normal I would just keep my fluid intake.
Alkaline urine. Many factors implicated in alkaline urine including stress. Increased gastric acidity seems to lead alkaline urine and phosphaturia. One old approach to try is the so called sippy diet (starting with milk every hour, followed by cream, then bland type of diet and then advance to other food). if the problem persists see a nephrologist watch for alternative point of view from other physicians.