What is the best product to make your teeth whiter?

Professional. There is a range of whitening products from over the counter to in office power bleaching. We have tried many systems and are currently quite satisfied with the KöR Whitening system. They have excellent custom trays and a peroxide that is kept refrigerated for maximum effectiveness. Here' their website..http://www.korwhitening.com/
DDS bleaching. Professional whitening period. Do not waste your time or money on stock trays and strips that are illfitting and a product that does not have the same efficacy as professional whitening.
Whitening teeth. First, Clorox is NOT the answer. At your local pharmacy they will have a dental section. You will find a large assortment of OTC products. Most will whiten your teeth some, your family dentist will have whiten product that are only available to dentist. They are much more powerful for whitening and need to be used with his/her's supervision. Whiten products often make teeth temporarily sensitive.