I have a sore throat, diarrhea and stomach pains. What does that mean?

Symptoms. Sounds like you have a combination of symptoms that point to a virus. It can also be the presentation of a strep throat. If you are not feeling better be seen. Use Tylenol (acetaminophen) and drink plenty of fluids. All the best.

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I have had diarrhoea for nearly 5 days with no other symptoms except sore throat on day 1 and blowing my nose. No stomach pain. Could it be a virus?

Sounds like it could. Be a viral infection, like viral gastroenteritis which involves diarrhea, upper respiratory infection symptoms, abdominal pain, and/or nausea/ vomiting. Drink three times the amount of liquids (water, Gatorade, Pedialyte, juice, Ginger ale but no soft drinks or alcohol) you normally do to make up for the amount you lose through diarrhea, and go see a healthcare provider if you need nausea control.

Can mobic (meloxicam) give you stomach pains and sore throat 48 hours after 1 dose?

Mobic (meloxicam) Yes it can, get checked out as there may me cross intolerance with other agents including over the counter ones.

I've got a sore throat and bit of temperature but I'm also getting lower back and lower stomach pain, any idea what can be wrong with me. Thank you?

Cannot diagnose. This sounds as if you might have throat infection with group a beta strep which can also cause abdominal pain and can even simulate acute appendicitis. But the best thing to do is to see a pcp and be appropriately examined. Good luck and get better soon.

Child 2yrs old has fever, sore throat, and now vomiting with stomach pain. What's wrong with her?

Maybe viral infectio. Flu symptoms may include: muscle aches ; pains, a fever above 100 degrees, headache, congestion, weakness, chills, increased sweating and coughing. Children are can also experience some GI sx's. The symptoms of stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis) can include: nausea, vomiting, headache, watery bowel movements (not bloody), abdominal cramps and a low fever. If prominent issue was throat pain - then.

How can I identify a hiatal hernia in 14yr? We are unable to go to doctor for quiete a while and he complains of upper stomach pain sore throat

Enfoscopy. The only way to identify a hiatal hernia is an upper endoscopy which is performed by a gastroenterologist or a surgeon. He can also have an upper GI contrast study which will show larger hiatal hernias.
Difficult. It would be difficult to make this diagnosis without seeing a doctor. Usually an upper GI barium study could show this as well as an upper endoscopy. You could try some over the counter omeprazole (prilosec) to see if this alleviated the symptoms. Which would give you a presumptive diagnosis of reflux. But ultimately you should see a physician as these symptoms could be caused by other diseases.

For a few days now my daughter has had a sore throat that comes and goes, stomach pain, fevers, vomiting and had a cold last week. What could it be?

Sore throat. A strep throat is a possibility and should be ruled out by taking your daughter for a throat culture. A negative culture would speak for a viral infection.

Why is it that I get a stomach ache when I have a sore throat?

Med evaluation. I don't know your diagnosis. A couple of conditions that come to mind are gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd) and gastroparesis. Encourage you to see either your personal physician or a gasteroenterologist for further assessment. Take care.