Hello, I am 16 year old boy and I am wondering: How many feet will I be if I am am 5 feet 9 My Dad is 6 feet and my mom is 5 feet. Thanks?

You are on target. There is a formula we use to estimate your genetic height potential based on parental height: The average of your parents' height which is 5 ft 6 inches to which you add 2.5 inches if you are a boy and subtract 2.5 inches if you are a girl. Most people end up within 3 inches of this and you are already at that target height. You might grow a couple of more inches if you are not late in puberty.
5'9" +/- 1-2 inches. Your genetic potential is 5'9" based on your parents' heighths. For boys, mom plus 6, add it to dad, divide by 2. This gives you 5'9" plus/minus 1-2 inches. May grow another 1 or 2 inches.