Why do I start get cramps every time Move or bend the cramps are in my stomach and I get them in my feet and hands so bad that the finger cross over?

Maybe dehydration. Often cramps are due to not drinking enough water. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and out door heat. If you do not improve by tomorrow see your doctor. She can run labs. Those symptoms can be related to many issues but the most common is being overheated and dehydrated. Hope you feel better soon.
Electrolyte imbalanc. Likely a deficiency in or the transport of key electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride) at the cell level of the muscle. Other possibles are deficit in oxygen or the transport of oxygen at the muscle cell level, and spinal/nerve problem. See your MD for examination, blood tests and other furthertesting that may be considered appropriate by your MD.