Got tendonitis in elbow after lifting. 3 months now and spasms in forearm and tricep. Hand weak and loss of muscle on arm. Mri normal. Scared of ALS?

ALS is usually- -symmetrical. Also stopping lifting will cause you to feel this way. If really still concerned or for a definitive diagnosis, make an appointment 2 see a neurologist.

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Is it normal for dominant arm bicep and triceps to be slightly large than my left arm. Muscle imbalance? No weakness. Neuro for EMG to check ALS?

Yes. I wouldn't call it "normal." It is, however, practically universal.
Dominant arm strongr. Since ALS is a painless weakness, and you do not have weakness, ALS should not be considered the cause. If you use the dominant arm for weights and do not use the other arm, the muscles will be different sizes. Normally they are pretty close. The easiest way to sort this out is to see if you can make the left arm stronger. That would rule out an illness.
Not uncommon. OK to have some imbalance and asymmetry, and is NOT a sign of ALS, unless you have progressive weakness, muscular atrophy, and fasciculations all together.

Have elbow tendonitis for 2 months after lifting. My tricep on affected side tightens and spasms when I stretch/shiver. This couldn't be ALS could it?

Not ALS. This is mechanical due to the injury. You may be able to get some physical therapy to help you rehab it correctly. You could ask your physician to send you to a physical therapist.

Als fear. Muscles twitching randomly including eyelid. Feel like arm is weak. Thumb feels weird. Normal neuro exam. Als? Scheduled for emg.

Good test. The nerve conduction test will give you the answer. Muscles twitching randomly is common in normal folks, however it can also be an early sign of ALS. The EMG will be very helpful. I routinely have muscle twitching for decades and am healthy.

Got thinner overall, muscles feel weak sore especially right arm feels burning when used for short time, witches everywhere, clonus, MRI ok, is this als?

Hard to say. With the symptoms you describe, it is imperative that you see a neurologist asap. The other possibility is that they may be related to Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) toxicity or to the disease the Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) is treating (? Sjogren's).

Male 22, I have muscle twitches all over my body at random times, neck, back, chest, arm, eyes, legs, hands, feet etc. For 6-7 months, no weakness. Als?

See below. It's probably just what we call benign fasiculations but if it is persistent, it would be reasonable to see a doctor and possibly get an EMG just to be sure.
Highly unlikely. Relax. At young age, occasional muscle twitching is usually harmless. If you have lost muscle mass and/or if it bothers you enough, see your primary care doctor for an exam. They may order labs (calcium etc) to make sure nothing is amiss.

Right shoulder and entire arm burning-muscle/fatigue type pain through tricep and top of forearm when used, with weakness in ring and pinky fingers?

Low cervical prob. Either of 2 possibilities. 1) ulnar nerve compression in the arm or elbow; this would cause numb ring (4) and pinky (5) with weakness in grip. 2) low cervical nerve pressure; would cause symptoms of triceps and forearm and numbness in fingers 4&5. Good exam likely to differentiate, but if in question MRI or emg/nerve conductions would be helpful.