I've woken up twice this week feeling like I'm going to throw up, tender breasts too. Pregnancy test last week was neg. Period due 2 weeks. Thoughts?

Probably not. If your last period was normal, a pregnancy test last week was negative,and your next period isn't due for 2 weeks, if is very unlikely that you are pregnant. You should be just ovulating now (14 days before your period starts). It is not uncommon to have breast tenderness because of the progesterone levels after ovulation esp. if you get alot of caffeine and many things can cause an upset stomach.

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Spotting and cramps when period due, swollen tender breasts, pregnancy test day after period due with first urine of the day and negative. What now?

Not enuf info. Need to know more to answer this intelligently- like...prior menstrual pattern, any meds or other illnesses, usual menstrual symptoms,etc. This can happen normally, particularly if you did not ovulate that month. Read more...

Extremely tender breasts, period symptoms for 1 wk, took pregnancy test last fri. Negative. Period not due for 11 days, on birth control. Help?

Hormones. Very tender breasts can be caused by a change in your normal hormones, by the hormones in birth control pills, occasionally by more caffeine or chocolate than usual, and by pregnancy. If it is due to hormones this will go away on its own by your period. Read more...