How can I deal with low blood pressure in the heat

Low Blood Pressure. Low blood pressure (BP) may be normal for an individual who is thin, has a very low salt intake, inadequate fluid intake, developed an irregular heart rhythm or other heart problem. Athletes often have low heart rates and low BP due to their extreme fitness. Dysautonomia (dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system) can cause low BP - treated with support hose, postural maneuvers and medicines.
2 different things. Blood pressure and blood sugar are probably 2 separate issues for you. Most likely your drop pressure drops in the heat. If there is no other contraindication such as kidney problems, high blood pressure, taking more salt and fluids during diet and avoiding too much heat usually helps.

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How should I deal with my dads low blood pressure he feels low out in public?

C Below. First step is to figure out why he is having low blood pressure. Is this secondary to heart failure? Maybe high BP medications. If those are not the situations, increasing fluid intake might be the solution. But it he has heart failure it would only worsen the situation. Further information and imaging needed to give a proper response. You might try a Concierge visit to get better input Cheers C.

If I have normal low blood pressure (in range 80/60 approximately).can I take propranolol?

Low BP TAKE BB? 20 F of unknown FHx med Hx or medicine Hx notes I have lowish BP asks can I take propranolol. ANS depends on what propranolol is given for. Ask your team.
What for? If you are taking it for familial tremor, you are fine if you are otherwise healthy. If you feel well, your blood pressure is adequate. This is not "low". If you are taking it for social anxiety or public speaking, consider coaching instead. Trust your physician on this.

What can I do for low blood pressure in men?

Depends. Like most of medicine we try to find the cause of the problem so we can target the therapy. Treating the underlying cause is the most effective therapy instead of just treating the symptoms. A full work up needs to be done with possible tests including and echo and tilt table test.

What are common reasons for low blood pressure in adults?

Fluid. Dehydration is the commonest cause. Addison's disease is a rare cause. Sepsis is an ominous cause. Cardiogenic shock is a terminal cause. Low BP can be completely normal in some people too!

What could be the cause of low blood pressure in teenagers?

See details. What do you define as low blood pressure? Blood pressure that seems to be on the low side is generally a normal finding in teenagers. It causes no issues.