19 yrs old. Popping back and neck for years. Sudden spinal pain upper back hurts to touch and hurts the most when lying down. Almost unbearable pain?

Severe pain. Pain whether in your back or elsewhere is your body's way of telling you something is wrong and unbearable pain needs attention ASAP either from your PCP, an urgent care clinic or an emergency room. X-Rays in addition to more history and an exam may be necessary for a proper diagnosis. Hope this helps and you feel better fast.
Severe backache . Your pain is unbearable aleady, have you taken anything for it , try aleve (naproxen) or ibuprofen with heating pads but you need to see your 1ry care physician right away or go to E.R. you also need an orthopedic consult. I hope you feel better soon . Good luck. .