How do you remove bags from under eyes?

Surgery. The most effective treatment for bags under the eyes is surgery to remove excess skin. In some instances, fillers can be injected below the bags to "lift" the upper cheeks in order to lessen the appearance of bags. Other non-surgical treatments have varying success and are not permanent.
Bleph. Usually a lower lid blepharoplasty will remove some excess fat and skin.
No one answer. There are many techniques to treat the bags under the eyes. After your surgeon examines you. He can give you your options. I personally remove no skin on most of my patients.
Fat preservation. Lower eyelid bags are a complex problem. Bulging fat from the eye area often looks worse because of simultaneous fat loss along the upper cheek. The "lost fat" is seen as a v-shaped depression below the bag. Some surgeons remove fat while others "move" the fat - shifting the fat into the area of hollow below. Laxity or inelasticity of the skin can be addressed with laser, peel or skin excision.
Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty or lower eyelid surgery will remove the bags and excess skin under the eyes.
For beginners, you.. ...Don't remove them. Depending on the cause of them, they can be helped by allergy and other chronic disease management, rest, judicious fat transfer, or surgical intervention that includes judicious fat removal and the incorporation of one of the methods of lateral canthal suspension and is often best combined with a brow lift.
Varies. It depends on your particular problem. Sometimes bags are caused by excess or protruding fat behind the eyelids. Sometimes they are due to problems with the eyelid skin. You should consult with an experienced eyelid surgeon to find out what is best for you.
Lower eyelid bags. Non surgical methods are used to camouflage the appearance of bags whereas surgical treatment involves differential treatment of prominent fatty bulges, lax muscles or redundant skin in a procedure called blepharoplasty. Use of a cheek or "midface" lift may enhance the resutls.
Blepharoplasty. The medical name for this procedure is lower lid blepharoplasty. This can be done from inside the eyelid in people with tight skin and muscle but a fair amount of fat (rare). Most patients have some excess skin and muscle, as well as fat, and so an external approach, via an incision just below the lashes, is more common. This is a very common cosmetic procedure and results are quite good.