What kinda stretches can I do to help back and neck pain I have scoliosis and neck degnration and I'm not sure I may possible have a slipped dics in neck or back?

Physical therapist. Your safest bet is to be evaluated at a spine clinic or by an orthopaedic specialist who will then instruct a physical therapist in what exercises are best for your particular condition. After a session or two you will be given instruction on doing the exercises at home.
Soft Tissues. 20y female: "scoliosis, back/neck pain" & supposed cervical spine degenerative disk disease, a radiologic descriptor, self-considers "slipped disk"; which is impossible since disks do not "slip". Absent an unmentioned traumatic injury, more likely explanation is hypermobility/muscle spasm w. functional scoliosis only when upright. See Brighton Criteria & Osteopath. Gentle yoga, swimming & walking.
In conjunction. Do this in conjunction with your doctor. You don't want to end up with more problems. Your doctor can talk to your physiotherapist and give advice on exercises that are safe for you based upon your neck disease. All the best.