Would an Oraquick home test tell me if I have aids or hiv? The incident would have been years ago and I had a neg result test last year at home.

Relax buddy. Don't even do the ora-quick. You did not contract HIV from that adventure way-back-when. Most guys do some exploring with a few friends when we're young, and my hope is that it's a memory that you'll ultimately treasure, though you've moved on to other things. You loved and were loved, someone else remembers you as very special, and you were fine afterwards. Give thanks 4 good health. Cheers man.
OraQuick HIV test. Yes, this test is very accurate and as a doctor I would trust these results - just be sure to follow the instructions carefully. If the test was negative last year, it's a high probability you don't have HIV or AIDS. If you have doubts remaining, a medical doctor can easily check this for you with a routine blood test. OraQuick is nice because you can do it at home and get results in 20min.