For 3 days have constant stomach ache, but normal bowel movements & no nausea. Then today stool was covered in NEON green slime, sticky pellets?

Black white and red . are bad stool colors. Green is not concerning. Not sure exactly if it's just bile mixed with what ever you have eaten but your stomach ache is more a concern if prolonged and associated with those other colors. There is a wide differential for stomachaches in a 19 yo woman. Consult with your doctor and consider whether or not you have been using excessive amounts of NSAIDs for any reason. .

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My boyfriend was not able to have a bowel movement for about a week, now he's going constantly and has a horrible stomach ache and nausea. Any thoughts?

Obstipation. Sounds like severe constipation. You'll get colicky pain, as your small & large instestine contract to propel the stool. Eventually it causes a secretory response & loose stool occurs. If its only constipation he should feel better w/n hours. If he has abdominal pain that last for hours & continuous loose stool, then it's more then just constipation and he needs to be evaluated esp w/ fever. Read more...

Painful stomach aches, many bowel movements &cramping the past 3 days. I have a cough too but no nausea or vomiting. Is it a stomach bug of some sort?

Stomach bug. try the BRAT diet. You can eat banana rice applesauce toast. See if you can hold down liquids first. Advance slowly. Sometimes it can last a while. So long as liquids are ok then you'll avoid dehydration. Over time if you do not feel any improvement then see your doctor. The cough could be the flu so if you are having fevers then see your doctor early. New treatment is antiviral medication. Read more...