I'm too fat, do not like sports, like to sit at the computer for a long time, I eat greasy things, to eat meat, But I hope to become slim?

A major lifestyle. change is required to get the results you want. Start by walking just 10 minutes twice a day and then slowly increase the time. Enlist the help of a Dietitian. Consider water aerobics for increased exercise with resistance but low impact on joints. You may also want to look into a medically supervised weight loss program. Best of luck to you and stay motivated.
Hope is good. hope is a powerful thing. it could motivate you to have a healthier life style. you can see, wishful thinking, does not necessarely create miracle. watching thin people on the computer, and watching an exercise video, is not the same as going to the GYM. and sweating, and burning calories. wire you mouth, and place the computer on a station bike,or treadmill, and put a lock on snack cabinet.