Got dysautonomia, causes cerebral vasoconstriction resulting in lightheadedness daily, brain mri normal, why does it constrict? How do dilate? Bp norm

Treatment available. Medications such as beta blockers and sometimes calcium channel blockers can help. Working with a physical therapist trained in this disorder can achieve good results, but it takes months of treatment. Hope this was helpful. Best of luck. Dr R.

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Can dysautonomia cause brain to feel swollen (along w/ lightheaded).The swollen feeling is so bothersome! Also have ctd. Negative brain mri. Normal sx?

Follow up. Dysautonomia can effect many body symptoms but not usually one. I recommend you discuss this symptom with the provider who obtained the mri.
Dysautonomia. This is a very non-specific term that could mean a number of things. You should consult a neurologist and a rheumatologist to make sure you are getting the optimum management and not missing anything.

Frequent dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches, confusion and fatigue for 4 months. Occurs in the evenings. Normal brain mri, and other tests. Causes?

Neurologic symptoms. Its not possible to give you a meaningful response. Are you 16 or 96? were you perfectly healthy or had many different medical and psychiatric conditions 4 months ago? You have had a medical work up and we don't know the results of the other tests like blood tests. I cant think of a condition that would just appear in the evenings. It may have to do where you are at that time not the time itself.