Grrr sounds and gas in sigmoid colon. Burning bowel movements. Minute scale of blood in stool. Can c.diff cause these? Any other conditions?

Yes. C. dificile can cause your symptoms. So can several other things. Blood in the stool is always worrying, until checked out. Call your doc today or get seen today.

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I was diagnosed with precancer colon polyps and internal hemorrhoids and gastritis. Still have blood in stool with burning in my abdomen should I worry?

Depends. Gastritis should improve with dietary modifications, acid blockers, and possible H pylori treatment; if not, further evaluation may be needed. Colon polyps should be followed with colonoscopy anywhere from 6 months to 5 years later, depending on type of polyp and confidence in that it was completely removed. Internal hems bleed and the source needs to be addressed - constipation, straining, etc. Read more...

Woke up b/c of bowel movement. Bright blood in stool for the first time. Abd pain, exc burping, extr fatigue. Could a CT with dye detect problem?

Maybe BUT... Blood in the stool should always be evaluated. Might be from a small anal fissure or bleeding hemorrhoids. More serious causes such as inflammatory bowel disease or tumor needs to be ruled out. You need a proper evaluation before we start throwing out tests to be done. See a gastroenterologist. Read more...