I have swollen lymph nodes that are under my arm pit and legs that hurt. Is this normal or not?

Lymphadenopathy. Lymph nodes swell and fluctuate usually due to the inflammatory reaction of infection. Pain also usually means infection and not cancer. If bacterial in origin, then antibiotics may help. If it persists beyond a month, you should see someone who can evaluate it with a needle aspiration bx or similar diagnostic procedure.

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I have a huge spot of swollen lymph nodes on my left arm just below the elbow on the thin side of hand. This has hurt and been achy since yesterday.

Should be seen by MD. Achy, painful swelling in forearm most likely from bite, bruise, or infection. Suspect insect bite or sting, cat scratch, or injury. Other rare possibilities. Worry if red, shiny top, soft center, fever, chill, or streak. Would have a health care professional examine it in next 24 hours. OK to take acetaminophen. Probably not serious, but best to be careful. Read more...

Swollen lymph nodes in neck and a hard, movable lump in armpit. Normal CBC from one week ago. Any idea what it can be? Very anxious right now.

See details. Numerous issues can cause lymph node enlargement but the hard mass in the armpit does give one cause for concern. Without knowing your history and being able to examine the areas involved, it is difficult to give specific advice. However, i would urge a complete evaluation including ct scan if this persists. Read more...