I have to take a blood test for health insurance because im marked as a tobacco user when im not. I do smoke marijuana almost everyday. I have to take the test so they can remove tobacco use. Will thc show up in the test? I'm just nervous because the test

ToSmokeOrNotToSmoke. The chances of testing positive for THC,even after a break in use,are much higher(about a week) if you're a regular user as opposed to someone who smoked a few times in the past few days(2-3 days)in BLOOD.In urine,THC metabolites stick around much longer (up to 100 days depending on smoking habits)so make sure you're getting a blood test.I f not, maybe a bad flu is coming on that'll last 100 days?
Ask them. you cannot be tested for recreational drug use when it may be used against you without your consent, inmost places.