I'm diabetic and have high blood pressure issues. I got a really bad sunburn4 days ago and my ankles and my legs are swelling. They are very painful?

See dr. When you have diabetes this automatically makes you a high risk patient compared to a non diabetic. It would be wise to make sure there is no infection. The doc might want you to take an antibiotic either topically like SSD creams or possibly I a pill. They may decide to wrap the region to help decrease swelling.
See doctor. Your doctor may be able to give you medications to ease the pain. Unless infected, the burn usually resolve in weeks. A deep burn may lead to scarring.

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My ankles, feet, legs and hands are swelling really big and I have a throbbing pain from it. What could be causing it? I am a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic. I also have a slipped disc at my l4&5. I have high blood pressure and high colesterol. I am tak

A . A few things could be causing this: 1. Water retention due to congestive heart failure. Fluids may be getting backed up in the body system if your heart is not efficient. This can cause swelling in the body. 2. Blood clot in the leg: if you are generally inactive, blood may be pooling in your legs. This, along with your medical history of high cholestrol and diabetes make you at high risk for a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or blot clot in the leg. Initially, swelling may occur, followed by pain, cramping and poor circulation. 3. Peripheral vascular disease can be a residual condition of your comorbidities. This would be related to poor circulation/poor blood supply to the leg. 4. Kidney failure: if your kidneys are not filtering fluids efficiently, fluids can be backed up into your body system, causing swelling. Each of your existing medical conditions are precursors to the above possible causes of lower leg swelling. It is crucial you see a doctor to investigate which is the causing factor. See a doctor as soon as you can. If the pain becomes intolerable, go to the emergency room. You may have a clot that is blocking fresh, healthy blood supply to the legs. Read more...
Many possibilities. Some causes of swelling of the extremities can include systemic problems such as hypertension, gout, and problems with the kidneys and localized issues such as arthritis, infection, lymphatic obstruction, blood clots, varicose veins, trauma (fracture, sprain, and tendonitis) and side effects to medication. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment. Read more...