How long can pre diabetes turn into type 2 diabetes?

Do Preventive care. 22 year old female asks, How long can pre diabetes turn into type 2 diabetes? It may or may never become full blown DM-2 if one is interested in preventive care even when there is a strong Family History of DM-2. Keep weight in the Normal range for age, sex & height. Eat healthy & avoid processed foods especially white sugar/syrup. Exercise Mind & Body. Stay positive, look forward to Good Health.
Diabetes risk. Pre diabetes may be reversible with maintenance of healthy weight and lifestyle. If a person with pre diabetes remains overweight and makes no lifestyle adjustments, diabetes may develop in an unpredictable amount of time.
Varies a great deal. Depending upon genes, but also upon weight and lifestyle. 45 minutes of exercise every day has been shown to delay to development of prediabetes into type 2 diabetes. Learning dietary changes that prevent fluctuations in blood sugar can also make a big difference, such as eating small amounts frequently throughout the day, especially small amounts of proteins which helps stabilize blood sugars.

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Is type 2 diabetes the same as prediabetes?

No. Pre-diabetes is a state before diabetes. There are 3 tests to diagnose pre or full diabetes. The most common one is the measurement of fasting blood sugar. Normal is < 100, pre-diabetes is 100-125, anything over 126 is indicative of diabetes. You need two positive tests to diagnose diabetes or pre-diabetes. Not enough room here to describe the other two tests (hba1c and ogtt).
Not quite. Prediabetes means u have high blood sugar, but not yet high enough to be called type ii diabetes. U r headed in that direction though. Eliminate grains and sugar from diet. If on a medication like metformin, be sure to let your doc know about diet changes asap. If on a station drug like lipitor, (atorvastatin) these increase risk for diabetes. Diet is biggest factor. Eat low carb. Avoid soda.
Revert them. Easy recipe ideas: https://www. Kaushikmd. Com/category/recipe/ Some basics: https://www. Kaushikmd. Com/get-started/

I have pre diabetes. My last 3 HA1C test have been 6.5, 6.7 and 6.5. Do I now have type 2 diabetes?

DX of diabetes. 54F froM IL has pre diabetes and hba1c done 3 x with average &gt; 6.5. ANS: yes you have diabetes probably. The good news is that if your BMI is &gt; 25 you can likely lose the DX by following the DASH eating plan till BMI goes down and HbA1c is less than 6.5. Very easy in concept but often harder in execution. You are in control on this one. So have a go at it with your team with diet. You can do it.

I'm F age 28 and weighs 210lbs I got diagnosed with pre diabetes 2 days ago if I eat and exercise right can I still develop type 2 diabetes?

Lower chances. It's still possible as you might be geneticaly predisposed to it. Your weight however, is causing you to be insulin resistant and this would certainly improve with diet and exercise. Diabetes has long term consequences on your entire body, so focus on the weight loss and you will live a healthier life overall. Take care.

Had prediabetes. Is exercising 5 hours per week any better than 2.5 hours at preventing type 2 diabetes when both results in same # of fat lbs. Lost?

Twice as good. Twice the exercise should burn off twice the weight, assuming your doing the same intensity of exercise. You need to combine it with food restriction of you're going to have any success.
Yes, more exercise. Yes, greater amounts of aerobic exercise will help the lean muscles take up and use more sugar and thus lower the blood sugar levels.

Is a plant based diet or a vegetarian diet best for someone who has type 2 diabetes or prediabetes?

Want to feel better? I have just completed 2 months of a vegan diet. I have been feeling more energy than in ages. My weight dropped 15 pounds. Llooking a numbers, my fasting glucose dropped from 158 to 106, while staying on the same diabetic medication, victoza (liraglutide). Besides the better diet, I also try to walk 5 miles daily with my happy wheaten terrier. Vegan diet is very satisfying and you should try it yourself!
Not for everyone... A vegan diet with fat-free (plus once in a while low-fat dairy) milk can be quite healthy. A vegan, ovo-vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, and lacto-ovo-vegetarian are all types of vegetarians. Because some things (calcium, vit. D, vit. B12, protein) are harder to get if a vegetarian eats no egg or dairy products, a strict vegan has a much harder time finding all the nutrients he needs to stay healthy.
The China Project. Is a book that discusses proper diet and all different types of foods. The conclusion is a plant based diet is the most healthiest. Conclusions are drawn from evidence based medicine. (studies.) it explains why animal based foods are not healthy and cause many disease processes. Altering one's diet is not easy to do, but the rewards are bountiful if one can succeed.

What to do if I have high blood sugar and prediabetes, type 1.5 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes?

See your doctor. Talk with your doctor about lifestyle and diet changes. Also talk about the need to start medications in the future.
Revert them. Easy recipe ideas: https://www. Kaushikmd. Com/category/recipe/ Some basics: https://www. Kaushikmd. Com/get-started/ Short article on diabetes: https://www. Kaushikmd. Com/type-2-diabetes-what-is-it/