1. What are your thoughts on ecigs? 2. Can heart disease be reversed if it's caught early? 3. What else can I do besides exercise and diet to improve heart health?

Lots of questions. Exercise, eat well, don't smoke, avoid illegal drugs &excess alcohol. Nothing else needs to be done to keep heart healthy. E-cigarettes are just a little better than tobacco, but not much. If they're used as short-term aid to quitting they might be acceptable but should avoid all forms of drug inhalation to stay healthy. Atherosclerosis can definitely be reversed with lifestyle improvements.
Yes. 1. e cig. not healthy- nicotine is the culprit 2. Coronary artery disease is reversible if you control risk factors 3.exercise and diet will improve heart health.
Echo. ecg is a good test for some things. Reversibility of heart disease depends on what is wrong. Mediterranean diet, exercise, not smoking or doing drugs and taking care of general risk factors are all good preventive steps. .