I ve chronic gastritis, taking omeprazole, I need iron, and iron tabs of all kind aggravate Gi track; any alternatives without sideeffects on stomach?

Iron supplements. All iron supplements have the potential to have gastrointestinal side effects, but not all do in every person. If you are not able to tolerate one, your doctor can try to switch you to another that you may tolerate better. If you exhaust all the possibilities, it is possible to give iron intravenously, but it is a much more difficult process. Talk to your doctor for more info. Good luck.

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Is omeprazole-sodium bicarbonate good for chronic gastritis with no hpylori.4endoscopy, 2colonoscopy, 2 abdomen ctscan came normal except for gastritis?

Yes. Any proton pump inhibitor such as Omeprazole can help those suffering from gastritis by cutting down on stomach acid production. Choosing between different ones is like choosing between chevy, dodge & ford. They all make good cars so it comes down to individual taste. Read more...