Can you get skin cancer from a first degree sunburn when you have only had a few mild ones in the past? 18 yrs/ few freckles on nose&face/pale

Cancer risks. Cancer comes from changes to the DNA- mutations, that can be caused by many things. Cancer begins only when enough changes have accrued to make cells that grow independently. But one can not tell right off if they have occurred. The more exposure the more risk, but single exposure does not mean zero risk, just lower. Take luck out of it and avoid risks.
Unlikely. The risk of skin cancer goes up with the number of sunburns you have and the accumulated hours of sun exposure. Use sunscreen carefully from now on whenever you will have a prolonged sun exposure.
Hard to predict. It is well known that sunburn and excess sun exposure increase the risk of skin cancer. he lifetime risk of skin cancer is 20% and it is estimated that by age 65, 40% of individuals will have acquired at least one lesion. Fortunately, most of these are not melanomas, which carry the worst prognosis. I recommend using sunscreen on a regular basis to minimize further risk and avoid tanning booths.