I have a displaced fibula fracture roughly 4-5 inches below my knee, The doctor I saw has me on crutches just doing RICE Will I need surgery?

Depends on type frac. you can have different types of fractures. Some are more unstable than others. Depends on how you heal. If the fracture is straight across the bone it may be less challenging than a spiral fracture which may not heal well increasing your risk of needing surgery. Do not jump the gun. Give it some time to heal and let him reevaluate . If you have that little confidence in this doctor I advise you to.
High fibular fractur. High fibular fractures do not usually need surgical correction. However, they are usually associated with severe ligament ruptures or other fractures closer to the ankle. Make sure the ankle was x-rayed, and if it was not, go back to the doctor and have him take a full set of ankle x-rays to insure you are having all of the issues attended to.
Not necessarily . Many fibula fractures do not need surgery. If you were seen in an ER, make sure to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon to be sure. Hope this helps!